My name is Cassandra Tyra Rose 

(My Mom used to call me Tyra) 

Certified Yoga Teacher, RYT-200
Certified Aroma Yoga Teacher
Certified Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) Practitioner
Aromatherapist & Educator
Energy Healer
Health & Lifestyle Coach
Keynote Speaker


I am a Mom at the beginning and end of each day. It is what I do best. Losing my Mom first, and then becoming a Mom myself has been the driving force behind my goals and sheer passion for better living.

Once you dive down the natural health rabbit hole, there's no turning back. You quickly realize that everything is connected, and that all actions make a difference.

I am on a mission to be the vessel that helps YOU (and humankind) evolve into a life of health and vitality.

My passion is:

& Embodiment.

I do this through personalized 1:1 (bliss)work with clients, leading workshops, seminars, yoga and feminine movement classes and immersions, and as a wellness leader to many people.

Society can take our power away. We feel the need to turn to others to heal our own bodies. But what if you can heal yourself?
I aim to Empower you with knowledge and transformational experiences so you can take your power back, remember who you are, illuminate your internal truth, and live as an unapologetic, embodied version of your Self.