Premium Starter Kit 

Ready to transform your world?
Well, Congratulations! You are making an awesome decision for your life.
It's one hell of an incredible journey.
You will look back and wonder how the heck you ever got by in life without oils before. That's a fact.

Becoming a member is so easy.
People think that that means signing up for a huge commitment. It's not! 
Don't let the word "member" scare you.
(Think, ummm, do I need to pay a membership fee or something?) No! 
If you buy the kit and it sits in your closet indefinitely, no big deal.
You can think of this as a one-time purchase, even though it's coming with a "membership." It's just like walking into Target and walking back out with your Premium Starter Kit (PSK); no strings attached! 

This membership really just means we'll call you a member and it will allow you to go on in the future to buy more oils at a 24% discounted price.

Become part of my amazing team. Learn with me (us). Grow with me (us). Live a whole new lifestyle. Become a Member!

When you enroll, you will see a section on the first page that says, "Who introduced you to Young Living?" You will click on that, and have the opportunity to enter an Sponsor ID and an Enroller ID. This is where you will enter my member number, which is 2119591, for both of them. However, if you follow the pretty Lavender links in this post, that member number should already be listed for you ;) 

Next you will get to choose a diffuser!

The Dewdrop & Dessert Mist Diffuser are two options for you to pick


You will see the Dewdrop diffuser is automatically selected for you, as that is the one included in the kit at the $160 price. If you scroll to the left, though, you will also see the Home Diffuser listed which is another option at the same price. The home diffuser lets you set your diffuser to 30 second intervals instead of diffusing continuously. But, you also have the option to buy one of the other amazing diffusers available though instead, at an additional cost, if you so prefer! They. are. amazing! 

You will see below, that you can select another starter kit and sign up for ER Auto ship as well. That is completely up to you! If you're really wanting to make a full lifestyle shift, this is the wisest choice.

ER means "Essential Rewards," and you earn Points for every dollar you spend. Points = FREE products that you cash in whenever you want. The only requirement is that you spend $50 per month. If you want to start transforming your whole lifestyle by buying our Thieves Line and ditching all the chemicals in your life, ditching your make up for our Savvy Minerals line, lose weight with our Slique line, ditch all the chemical laden body care products you might be useing, or support your whole body with our essential oil infused supplements, this is how you do it.

But if you're just hoping to start with the Premium Starter Kit, no problem. Then bypass Step 2 and continue on to Step 3. 

Next you'll be asked to enter your Member Information, and Sign-in Information. Go ahead and fill that all out, and then you will come to a section that says "Commission Processing Information." Unless you are a Business, you will select "Individual," and it's your choice which you choose. (Entering a social security is if you decide to become a business builder and earn commission by sharing YL products, you can always add a social security to your account at a later time if you're uncomfortable doing it now.)

It's also important to note that while on Step 3, you'll notice a blue box in the bottom right side that says "(Optional: Add Additional Products)." This is an important step if you're dying to add some essential oils or products not included in the PSK. Go for it and do it here!

You should know that every month Young Living offers promotions in which if you meet a minimum PV (point value), you will get free oils! If you buy additional products and you meet the minimum PV, you will get free stuff with your order, so make sure to check out what the months promos are and see if you can qualify! You may be only a few dollars away from FREE oily goodness. 

Finish the last few steps and Voila! You are a YOUNG LIVING MEMBER!!! I promise you these oils will change your life. Are you ready?